College Partners

There is no “easy” button to push to solve the educational challenges facing Young Men of Color (YMC). However, The Young Scholars Program (YSP) has a methodology and history of success in educating Young Men of Color that can be beneficial to help increase the number of YMC who matriculate to and complete college. Shaun Harper’s (Student Engagement in Higher Education 2009) research is the centerpiece of YSP Post-Secondary Institutional Partnerships.

Young Scholars seeks Post-Secondary Institutional Partnerships with colleges and universities that have a willingness to assume institutional responsibility for Young Men of Color student achievement and who are willing to accept accountability for improving YMC, recruitment, retention, academic success, engagement, and graduation rates.

College Partners agree to work with YSP to incorporate YSP methodology for post-secondary success.  They also demonstrate the college is a “good fit” for YMC through programming, support, and resources.

Vincent Tinto in 2000 stated that engagement is the single most predictor of Persistence. At the core of the Young Scholars Institutional Post-Secondary Partnership is Student Engagement. Tinto’s research showed that active engagement involves connecting these young men to the campus and helping them to build a sense of community.  It is a Dual Responsibility; shared by the student and the institutional agents.

Young Men of Color should not be chiefly responsible for engaging themselves (it has been proven that most will not) the institution must foster conditions that enable Young Men of Color to be engaged.

Serious issues (such as the college drop-out rate for Young Men of Color) require serious partnerships and planning. YSP has created a partnership agreement that is a win-win for the students and post-secondary institutions.


The following is a list of Post-Secondary Institutions YSP has developed or is in the process of working to develop Institutional Partnerships:

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Hope College Lincoln Unversity, Jefferson City, MO Prarie View A&M University of California, Davis University of California, Santa Barbara University of California, Santa Cruz University of La Verne University of Nevada, Las Vegas University of Oregon University of San Francisco University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Tuskegee University Washington University, St. Louis Willamette University