What if the Prince Dared 2B King falls under the umbrella of the Young Scholars Program. (YSP). Prince 2B King (P2BK) is the Young Scholars Program after-school project. It is an innovative approach to preparing African American males for their ascension into manhood while also preparing them for eligibility for college admission, and degree attainment. Mr. Darryl Winn is the coordinator for P2BK.

The Goal of  What if the Prince Dared 2B King (P2BK) is to engage in program strategies that will address the needs of Young African American Males and give them the tools to be successful academically, professionally, and socially.

Rationale for What if the Prince Dared 2B King:  Prince 2B King, is a project that provides young men with the role models and mentors they will need for their ascension into manhood.  Prince 2B King dares to find a solution to the challenges they face by offering them a viable alternative: a college education where they can successfully navigate the waters of life with the tools they will need. Prince 2B King helps our scholars with the college preparation and application process so they will be eligible for admission and matriculation to college. We also work with their parents to provide them an additional layer of support in their quest for a college education.

Prince 2B King is widely received throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We currently service 25 males actively and another 50-75 males through what we call “The Village”.  The Village males participate in events open to the general public for college counseling and mentorship. One such event is our “Help a Brother Go 2 College Day.”  Young men can come to this one day event and attend college workshops where they will not just learn information, but be able to meet college representatives and get inspired to get on and stay on the road to college.   YSP host three Village Events a year.

In addition, we have developed curriculum to address the academic, social and professional preparation of these young men.  Through 10 modules that are taught during the year, the young men learn academic strategies, persistence skills and form a brotherhood to travel the journey to college and beyond.  Prince 2B King is not about a project or program. It is about a movement to produce African American males who will be the men boys can emulate; and who will be the builders and leaders of the African American communities.

Prince 2B King movement Target Group: Young brothers who are currently doing well in school; have a desire to succeed; who want to go to college and who desired to be mentored and given the tools for success not only in college, but in life. They are willing to dress for success, and are capable of demonstrating and practicing socially acceptable behavior. These young men are going to be the leaders of the 21st Century. Young men must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA to join the program and work to increase it to a 3.0 or above by high school graduation.