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Historically Black College and University Tour

The Young Scholars Program endeavors to create a college going culture among Young Men of Color in WCCUSD. The tours for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors is about exposure and making college real. For Seniors, the purpose for those who have applied to the colleges to be visited is to determine how they feel about attending the college after touring the campus. For those who have not applied, the purpose is to help the scholars make a decision about applying. Thus, the Young Scholars Program offers Young Scholars and Rising Scholars the opportunity to participate in tours in different parts of the country. P2BK Mentors, Rising Scholars Counselors and UC Berkeley Fellows will encourage scholars to see participating in the YSP College Tours as a positive step in the college preparation process. Parents and Scholars should note that participating in a YSP College Tour is a privilege and not a right. 



The Young Scholars program recognizes that:

  • 75% of students select their college to attend due to a college visit.
  • the average family cannot afford to take their child on a multiple college tour.
  • in order for college to be seen as do-able students need to walk on a campus, meet with admission officers, attend classes, and/or have the opportunity to speak with current college students as much as possible at the colleges that will be visited
  • traveling together increases the Brotherhood for the scholars
  • mentors and counselors get the opportunity to build a rapport with the Young Scholars and Rising Scholars outside of the school building
  • Scholars will feel more comfortable applying to the YSP Partner Institutions if they visit and realize the support that will be provided by the college
  • Scholars get inspired to increase their grade point average in order to meet the requirements to attend the colleges that they visit;
  • Students who may not qualify for admission straight out of high school can do so through the transfer process; thus, all students have hope of attending the colleges visited.
  • The HBCU tour is an identity affirming experience for African American students and an opportunity for other scholars from other ethnic groups to learn about African American History.



Requirements for Tour Participants:

Young Scholars is not a la Carte program, where scholars or parents decide when they will participate. Parent active engagement in the program is a must. Scholar active engagement is also a must.


Any young man attending the tour that is not a part of WCCUSD or currently a member of P2Bk will have to attend the P2BK monthly meetings the Third and Fourth Thursdays of the month beginning in January through March.

  • Total Number of Participants: 24
  • Tour is open to Juniors and Seniors only

Senior Criterion for Participation for the Tour:

  • Seniors must apply to all the HBCUs to be visited on the tour for which they meet the admission’s criteria.

Juniors Criterion for Participation for the Tour:

  • Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or above. (Juniors with lower than a 2.5 decision will be made on a individual basis and must have a Rising Scholar Counselor recommendation)


Cost: $1796.00



  • Round-trip airfare
  • Charter Bus Transportation to colleges, museums and events
  • 11 nights lodging
  • 10 Breakfasts
  • 4 lunches
  • 2 Dinners
  • 6 College Visits: Xavier of Louisiana, Morehouse, Spelman, Tuskegee, Prairie View, and Southern University
  • City Tours of New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis and visits to Historical Sites of African American History




We accept VISA, MasterCard or American Express. Amount below includes the 3% service charge.

  • Non-refundable Deposit of $309 is due by January 5, 2016 for both Rising Scholars and P2BK
  • Non-refundable Next Payment of $515 is due January 25, 2016 ($206 for Rising Scholars Scholarship Recipients)
  • Non-refundable payment of $515 is due February 10, 2016 ($206 for Rising Scholars Scholarship Recipients)
  • Final non-refundable payment is due $ 510.88 is due March 10, 2016 ($196 for Rising Scholars Scholarship Recipients)