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Spotlight on Our Scholars: Alexis Martinez

Alexis Martinez Class of 2016

Alexis Martinez Class of 2016

Alexis Martinez is a Senior at El Cerrito High School in WCCUSD. He is a Peer Leader for the Rising Scholars and is well liked and respected by both his peers and adults. He has a strong GPA and ACT test score. Alexis has applied to several highly selective colleges and universities. He is a personification of success.

Students in the program are taught skills to learn how to overcome barriers and their perceived weaknesses. The ability to do both of these enables the students to face dilemmas, not to become overwhelmed, and to stay focused on achieving their goals.

Most of our scholars operate within a 16 block radius of their homes. In the Young Scholars Program, we prepare our students to go to the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th block and beyond. We want them to experience the world outside their neighborhoods, their communities, their city, state and the country. Thus, we take our students on college tours within the state of California and across the country. We have also taken our scholars to enrichment trips to New York, Boston, Washington DC and China.

We offer our students enrichment activities that are identity affirming experiences and to introduce them to other cultures and activities they may not choose to do because of a lack of familiarity. We teach our scholars soft skills such as how to introduce themselves, the art of conversation and the art of the handwritten thank you note. All of our scholars have a college portfolio and business cards. We want them to feel as comfortable in the Board Room as they are in the classroom or during activities with their friends. We are preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow. When you meet a Young Scholar, you know the future looks bright.



Spotlight on a College: University of La Verne, La Verne, CA


Dec. 10, 2015: Homa Shabahang and Jacqueline Rushing sign the MOU for the Young Men of Color Project

Young Scholars Partners with the University of La Verne to Boost College Success Among Young Men of Color

The University of La Verne signed an agreement Dec. 10 with the Young Scholars Program to increase enrollment of Young Men of Color at La Verne and develop a support system at the University to raise their retention and graduation rates.

The agreement was signed by Young Scholars Chief Executive Officer and founder Jacqueline Rushing and La Verne’s Vice President of Strategic Enrollment Management and Communications, Dr. Homa Shabahang at the university. La Verne is the first private university in California to partner on this project with the Young Scholars Program. The first cohort of 30 to 40 students is expected to begin in the fall of 2016. The Young Scholars Program aligns with La Verne’s core value of diversity and inclusivity.