Reflecting on the March from Selma to Montgomery. A View from the Capital Building in Montgomery, AL (photo by Tairinda Rushing)
Young Men of P2BK and Rising Scholars
Kings of P2BK, William English, Reymon LaChaux, Rico Ricon, Thomas Scott, Donuell Lilly, Kevin Sledge, Charles Goshey
Scholars at the University of Maryland, College Park
Scholars get a Taste of the Famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, February 2015
Scholars work the tables at the College Fair for Help a Brother Go 2 College Day 2015
Scholars Visit Sweetie Pies Upper Crust, Photo Op with Ms. Robbie’s grandson.
Jacqueline Rushing and Finy Prak, Assistant Principal, WCCUSD at Help a Brother Go 2 College Day 2015.

Jacqueline Rushing founder and CEO of the San Francisco Bay Area, Young Scholars Program has been compared to Harriet Tubman, the abolitionist who led slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad. The Young Scholars Program (YSP) in working with young men of color takes an anti-deficit approach to the challenges faced by these young men for college matriculation and completion.  Thus, our website does not list statistics that have become all too common place in reports about African American, Latino, Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander males. This site will not inform you about the negative statistics or factors of problems faced by young men of color.

Rather we are choosing to focus on methods that are successful and can be duplicated by non-profits, school districts, and post-secondary institutions to increase the number of young men of color who are prepared and eligible to matriculate to college; who are retained; and who move toward degree attainment. Our website is a place of HOPE.

While we recognize there is no easy solution to the challenges faced by young men of color in their quest for a college education, we know when effective methods are employed; when a  school district decides to provide resources and support to turn a negative into a positive, and when, Post-Secondary Institutions assume institutional responsibility for young men of color’s: student achievement and accept the accountability for the recruitment, retention, academic success, engagement, and graduation rates of these young men——–we have a winning formula for increasing the number of young men of color who matriculate to and complete college.

Using the theories of Shaun Harper and Vincent Tinto, the Young Scholars Program, takes the two prominent educators research on student engagement, persistence, and college success from theory to practice.

As you navigate our site, we hope you will understand the importance of our work and also be inspired to support young men of color on their educational journey.

Jacqueline Rushing
Founder and CEO